Konstantinos Tegopoulos

Konstantinos Tegopoulos is an M.Sc. student at DUTh's Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, where he is pursuing a master's degree in "Translational Research in Biomedicine" (Current GPA: 8,63 on a 10 scale). For his master's thesis, Konstantinos is involved in the whole genome sequencing and assembly construction of two novel microorganisms that exhibit good probiotic potential. Simultaneously, he works on the molecular identification of Humulus lupulus varieties through NGS experiments and bioinformatic analyses in the Laboratory of Molecular and Developmental Biology at the Department of Molecular Biology, DUTh. In September 2020, he graduated from the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, DUTh (Grade: 8,18 on a 10 scale). As an undergraduate student, he interned at Mr. Odisseas Hatzis' cytology laboratory in Alexandroupolis, Greece, performing microscopic observation of Papanicolaou test samples for HPV detection while, during his B.Sc. thesis, he conducted a comparative genomic analysis of Lacticaseibacillus casei strains.